In a blog post today, NASA rolled out Version 2.0 of its Open Government Plan, aiming for an unprecedented level of transparency among large government agencies. The space agency already has numerous datasets available for public use and is working to make its computer code similarly open.  The "flagship initiative" is redesigning to integrate search, video, and social media while building "an accessible, participatory and transparent web environment based on open and interoperable standards."

Maybe the most interesting of NASA’s plans are its "technology accelerators."  The International Space Apps Challenge will be a two-day global code-a-thon to develop applications solving space and social need problems.  LAUNCH is a collaborative effort at social entrepreneurship between NASA, Nike, the US Agency for International Development and the State Department to align innovators, investors, and advisers towards accelerating technological advancement. Finally, Random Hacks of Kindness looks to create a community to develop open source solutions for social good.