Broad national survey of government integrity rolls out and raises questions, but we’re number 3! New Jersey is number 1?! And Illinois, whose last governor just had a burger and went off to serve his 14-year corruption sentence, is somehow tied for 10th. [State Integrity Investigation]

Beware of your filing cabinets.  King County Sheriff gets dragged into City of Medina dispute with its fired police chief over public records copies in the Sheriff’s hands. [Seattle Weekly]

Smaller and special purpose government boards like school districts and housing authorities still grapple with open public meeting compliance.  Free tip for the day: If your entire board is sitting in the same room and discussing the district’s work, it’s probably a meeting.  [Osage County Herald-Chronicle] [The Saratogian]

Now taking bets on the expected litigation bill for the City of Coos Bay fighting the Sierra Club over $16,700 in attorney fees the City tried to tack on for a public records request.  [Eugene Register-Guard]